Success Stories

"Working with STA has made me grow in so many aspects to help improve my athletic performance. From my personal story one big area I needed to improve was my overall fitness level, strength, and muscle endurance, I went from getting a level 20 on my fitness test to a level 35 in a matter of just 3 months under STA's program! I enjoy every moment spent working out with the staff and I am grateful for the time and effort they spend helping me to achieve my goals!" 
- Maddie Pezzino, All-Time Leading Goal Scorer in New York State, Ole Miss Soccer Player


"I would strongly recommend STA Sports Performance to any coach who wants to put their team over the top. Ben Woods and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and their expertise has better prepared our team for this season. Our players made tremendous gains this off-season in strength, speed and flexibility. Thank you STA!"
- Head Football Coach Eric Rupp, Lancaster Legends


"STA has been such an awesome experience for my son Mason. Since he has been working out there, we have seen not only a transformation in his physical appearance but also in his attitude and confidence. Mason raves about how positive everyone is at STA and how much better he feels after he works out. Mason's strength and speed has improved and he recently made the school lacrosse team. We all want to say a huge thank you and give a shout out to everyone at STA for their dedication and positive influence on our son!"
Falkiewicz Family

I have had the pleasure of working out at STA for the past(almost) 2 years! I highly recommend checking them out—they are so diligent and focused on helping you reach your own personal goals, whether it be weight loss, strength, or function. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable, have an obvious love for what they do, and take seriously prevention of injury. All ages and fitness levels are welcomed. It took me a while to make a change in my workout routines, but I’m so happy I did—the best decision ever!"

 - Ginat Barren

“...The program that is run there is phenomenal and if you want to get bigger, faster and stronger this is the place that you would want to make an investment in. From day one I loved it because it's all great stuff and the work outs are recipes for success, I started going to STA during baseball season and I ended up breaking two school records... If you’re serious about playing at your top potential, this is the place for you.”

Aaron Ertel
Former Depew High School All Star QB

“Being a serious athlete and all I've gone through a lot of different people and "programs" to try and get the competitive edge or heal quicker and they were undoubtedly superior at BOTH. After ten weeks with STA I was a month ahead of schedule in my rehab process after double knee surgery and as far as improvement as an athlete my Power increased dramatically. One example was my max bench increasing to 300 lbs when it had started out at around 225 lbs (10 weeks). They take the time to appreciate your Personal Circumstances and are happy to go the extra mile (or 50) to help you Maximize your potential. Their overall care and kindness for you as an individual person is unmatched contrary to the many cookie-cutter styles. I'm forever grateful and always an STA athlete.”

Stan Wier

1st Team All State Basketball Star University at Buffalo

“Since we have been working with Ben and STA Performance the team records just continue to fall. In the last two seasons we have set five new school records for track and field. The results are unbelievable, we now have 150 pound kids dead-lifting over 300 pounds, and squatting nearly the same. Two of our female athletes dead-lifted 205 pounds, squatted 185, and benched 145 pounds, they both weigh about 120. The athletes love the work outs because they constantly change and of they see the results. The knowledge that I have personally gained as a coach is amazing, you cannot find this information in any traditional high school or college. Ben is always available for questions and he shares all of his knowledge on injury prevention and rehab so the athletes are ready for competition. The workouts and service provided are without comparison, I would recommend STA Performance to any coach that is serious about their athletes’ performance.”
Coach Chuck Kowalski
Head Coach Varsity Football/Track & Field

“The training that STA Sports Performance instills is unmatched! The results I received while working with Ben and the staff went well above my expectations. The value is worth way more than any penny you put into it. I recommend STA Performance for any serious athlete that wants to take their game to a whole new level. I’m walking proof of it!”
Saleem Borhot
CFL 12th Overall Draft Pick Calgary Stampeders

"This program is one of the best I have had the honor to be a part of. Prior to joining the STA Family I had a pre-conceived idea of what working out was and of what potential I had. They smashed that. My speed and agility as a whole improved beyond my wildest dreams. Making me a stronger player, more reliable teammate, and a healthier person. I went on to play at the college level and prove my worth. Thank you to the STA Family for everything!" 
Jake Modrzynski