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Youth Athletes

Our Youth Athlete Training focuses on developing the foundation of athletic movements necessary for each individual athlete while training fundamental skills of movement through improving speed, strength, agility, endurance, and power. You will not only become a better overall athlete for your sport(s) but a more confident individual as well!

High School Athletes


Utilizing what we refer to as “customized group training”, our athletes benefit from the motivational aspect of training in a group environment, while also receiving the individual attention needed to elevate their performance. (NOTE: At STA, training together in groups does NOT mean everyone always does the same workout. Each athlete has his/her own customized program that’s performed within the group setting.) There are no “cookie-cutter” programs at STA!


College/Pro Athletes


Our College and Pro Training is customized specifically to your goals and length of time available to prepare for your season. In addition to your performance training, you'll receive top notch nutritional guidance, the most innovative recovery methods, and injury prevention. With clients in the NFL, CFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, NWSL and Olympics, we can assure you that no matter your athletic goals, with STA, you will achieve them!



"STA has helped me improve in so many ways as an athlete. Each day you feel your body making tremendous progress. I am extremely grateful for everyone at STA for making me a better athlete and keeping me healthy on the field. STA has helped me achieve my goals!"
- Jerry Hickson, WNY's All-Time Leading Quarterback



"STA has been such an awesome experience for my son Mason. Since he has been working out there, we have seen not only a transformation in his physical appearance but also in his attitude and confidence. Mason raves about how positive everyone is at STA and how much better he feels after he works out. Mason's strength and speed has improved and he recently made the school lacrosse team. We all want to say a huge thank you and give a shout out to everyone at STA for their dedication and positive influence on our son!"
-Falkiewicz Family

High School Athletes Working Hard Towards Their Goals!

Youth Athletes Developing a Stronger Foundation!

"Working with STA has made me grow in so many aspects to help improve my athletic performance. From my personal story one big area I needed to improve was my overall fitness level, strength, and muscle endurance, I went from getting a level 20 on my fitness test to a level 35 in a matter of just 3 months under STA's program! I enjoy every moment spent working out with the staff and I am grateful for the time and effort they spend helping me to achieve my goals!" 
- Maddie Pezzino, All-Time Leading Goal Scorer in New York State, Ole Miss Soccer Player



"Within one week of joining STA, I was already feeling a huge difference in my strength in and out of the water! I had so much more power and control in my strokes. STA has taught me so much about my body and how to push it beyond what I thought it was capable of. The staff here is so knowledgeable and encouraging, and they make every workout fun. I owe a lot of my success to them." - Jessica Wyckoff, Collegiate Swimmer